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Wayne Tellier Magic
The "Fair & Honest" Magician
Festival Magician
   Wayne Tellier loves taking his magic to the people. Wayne can stroll among the crowds performing close up miracles as he goes, making Festivals a little more Magical!

   His Busker style all ages Festival Show features all sorts of Great Magic, packed with audience participation, bursts of laughter and much more.   Ending his show with either the "World Famous Cups and Balls", or the "Mailbag of Death", depending on which show you may be watching making any Festival the best it can be.
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Hi Wayne...it's Marlene from "the Happy Family".

Just wanted to let you know that while the 0 dollar bill you gave us did not, in fact, turn into a $5 you turned our day around.

Due to the storm Friday night, we were without power in our house (from Friday @ 9pm until 7am this morning) so we were out and about exploring our new city yesterday.  We just moved here in April from Toronto.  We found ourselves at Bayview Park watching the boaters and we weren't even going to head up to the Festival.  I have an issue with my ankle and didn't think I would be able to walk that far up from the parking lot (also why I couldn't get up to tie you up).

Anyway, having been ripped off at the Fish Pond, we grabbed some food and sat down to watch your show.  We know that, by design, carnival games guilt parents into letting their kids hand over their hard earned money and then they rip you off promising free games that you end up paying for...not only with money but with a very sad child.

My eldest son was so annoyed with the carnie that he had wanted us to leave but my sad, younger, son wanted to stay and see you and I was playing referee.

We are so glad we stayed.  We really enjoyed your show...and thank you so much for turning it all around for us because, if not for your show, we would have gone home as "the Grumpy Family".

Please feel free to use any of this as a testimonial.

Marly (Marlene) Lancaster

      Hello Wayne,
   You might not remember me, but my name is Phil.  My girlfriend Kira and I were at your magic show at Summerfest yesterday (Saturday, June 18th).  I wanted you to know that we both really enjoyed your show.  What you didn`t know was that you were making a special day even more special.  See, we came across your show just before we went to sit down.  Once your show was done, we took a seat in some shade and I asked her to marry me.  She said yes.
I know you didn`t know it was happening, but I just wanted to thank you for being a part of that.
So thanks
Phil and Kira